Frequently Asked Driveway Questions

Here at Hamilton Paving it is safe to say that we have the easy ride when it comes to driveways. After all, we already know everything there is to know and more! On the other hand, this also means that our customers and clients are often left in the dark about the details regarding their own driveway project. Whilst it is unnecessary to understand all the jargon, there are a few frequently asked questions that could help you stay in the loop! Read on to find out the top three…

How long will the installation take?  

Every single driveway project is different which means that your own timeframe could differ greatly from someone else who used our services. This is because we have to account for the size of the driveway, any adverse weather conditions that could cause us to halt installation for several days and the availability of the client as we often require the client to be on site.

What should I do after the driveway is finished?  

Many people do not know that you should keep vehicles off the driveway for at least 48-72 hours after it has been completed. This is because the final seal of the driveway needs time to cure or set in order to protect against the growth of weeds or any future stains. With this said, it is fine to walk on the driveway during this time frame so you are still able to leave and enter your home as normal.

What type of driveways are there to choose from?  

Many driveway businesses have a very wide range of materials to choose from that allows every client the ability to personalise their driveway. From concrete to tarmac, gravel to paving blocks and natural stone to crazy paving we have mostly definitely got your driveway covered!

When it comes to driveways the team here at Hamilton Paving want to make sure that every single client is catered for as best as they can possibly be and this includes making sure that the jargon the team use does not alienate and separate them from the work that is being completed. After all, that’s why we are the best driveways in Buckinghamshire! If your FAQ didn’t make our list, get in contact with a member of the Hamilton Paving team today!

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