Tips for a Snow and Ice Free Driveway

The cold weather in the UK is underway and reports say that temperature got so low that cars were frozen into place! In fact, driving in general can be nightmare when snow and ice start to take over which is why the team here at Hamilton Paving want our readers to know exactly how to respond. Here are our top tips to keep your driveway safe during the winter weather…


Staying ahead of the game is always going to beneficial and checking the forecast is the best way to do this. Not only can it help you put down some rock salt in preparation for the snow, it can also help you plan extra time for your journey in conjunction with the weather.

Rock Salt

Whilst rock salt is one of the best ways to keep your driveway safe during icy conditions, you have to remember to be sparingly in certain areas. This is because it can damage the body work of your car or contaminate any nearby water.


If an icy driveway often leaves you unable to drive into work then you may want to invest in a snow melting matt. These are systems that recognise when the weather has dropped and work in order to reduce the temperature so that the nearby ice and snow melt.


You cant beat a shovel when it comes to the snow. After all, it can move the snow out of the way in no time however with this said, you have to set aside extra time and also put the pile of snow in a location that wont inconvenience any neighbours or pedestrians.

Here at Hamilton Paving it is important to remember that extreme weather can not only damage your driveway but also put your safety at risk! If your driveway is too icy to walk on then it is often too slippery for the car wheels to grip onto which means that your car is best left where it is. With this said, putting our tips into action can help you before this becomes a problem! To find out more information or to request a consultation about our services, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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