rear garden patio block paved area in chalfont st giles 04

Project Showcase: Garden Paved Patio with Dark Grey Border in Chalfont St Giles

This project involved the transformation of a conventional rear garden into an exquisite patio space using a unique combination of red and grey brick blocks, complemented by a dark grey border. The integration of these colors creates a dynamic and inviting outdoor area, suitable for a variety of garden styles.

Project Details:

  • Material Used: For this patio, we selected high-quality red and grey bricks, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal. The contrasting dark grey border adds a refined touch to the overall design.
  • Features: The patio was designed with precise edges and a slight gradient to facilitate effective drainage, crucial in maintaining the patio’s integrity and preventing water accumulation.
  • Installation Process: Our team of experts carried out the installation meticulously. The process involved laying a compacted sub-base layer for a stable foundation, followed by the careful placement of the red and grey bricks in a complementary pattern, framed by the dark grey border.
  • Completion Time: The project was completed within the predetermined timeframe, with a focus on minimizing disruption to the homeowner.
  • Aftercare: The patio requires minimal maintenance, needing only occasional cleaning to retain its beautiful and vibrant appearance.


  • Visual Appeal: The combination of red and grey bricks with a dark grey border offers a striking and modern look, significantly elevating the garden’s aesthetic.
  • Durability: The materials chosen ensure that the patio is long-lasting, capable of enduring various weather conditions and regular usage.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-crafted patio like this one is a great investment, potentially increasing the property’s value due to its enhanced functionality and appeal.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our client in Chalfont St Giles was extremely pleased with the final result. The patio’s functionality, combined with its unique aesthetic, has made it a focal point of their garden. The patio has been the subject of numerous compliments, particularly for its distinctive colour scheme and the quality of craftsmanship.