4 Important Facts About Gravel Driveways

Gravel is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated types of driveway materials on the market and here at Hamilton Paving we want to advocate for this wallet friendly solution. After all, every single material comes with its own list of pros and cons. Thankfully, this isn’t a pros and cons kind of blog as we want to go over a few simple yet important facts you should know before committing to a gravel driveway…

  1. A gravel driveway is quite a unique type of material because it comes with little maintenance and is friendly on the bank balance. From time to time owners will have to regrade the surface and remove any weeds however other than that the driveway can last for a century with the correct maintenance and care.


  1. Most of the time homeowners tend to worry about permeability when it comes to their driveway however a gravel driveway is the perfect solution because the texture allows rainwater to drain quickly and efficiency straight through it and into the soil below. Due to this it is the perfect solution for homes that are located in moisture heavy environments or places that receive a lot of rainfall.


  1. Many people think that gravel is quite a limiting material choice however it is now rather varied and comes in a range of different colours and textures. For example, a gravel consistency made up of smaller stones can make the surface much easier to walk on and provide easier traction in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as a park.


  1. Gravel is often made up of crushed stones that come in a range of different sizes and consistencies. The overall size of the stone fragments is left for the customer to decide. Over the years however a range of different types have come into the market such as bench gravel, fine gravel, pea gravel and bank gravel.

Here at Hamilton Paving, we think that it is only right that our customers are given the correct information and sometimes a list of pros and cons just isn’t suitable. Laying out all the facts however can be incredibly beneficial as customers are able to learn about the material rather than just the positives and negatives of having it installed. For more information about our range of driveway services, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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