Hamilton Paving is delighted to announce the successful completion of our latest project, which involved the installation of Grey and Charcoal Indian Sandstone with Acro Channel Drainage for a patio and side path. This project presented a unique challenge as our client had a pre-existing wooden pergola, which we carefully worked around to achieve the desired result. We are pleased to report that the client was exceptionally satisfied with the finished product and our team’s professionalism throughout the entire process.

Here is a breakdown of the project from initial contact to completion:

Initial Contact: The journey began when the client reached out to us with their project idea. They expressed their interest in renovating their outdoor space and discussed their specific requirements and vision for the project.

Free Quotation: After the initial contact, our team scheduled a site visit to assess the area and gather essential information. We provided the client with a detailed, transparent, and no-obligation quotation, ensuring that they were aware of the expected costs and project scope.

Design Collaboration: To create a design that aligned with the client’s preferences, our experts worked closely with them. We discussed various design options, materials, and layout possibilities. This collaborative approach allowed us to fine-tune the project plan to meet the client’s expectations.

Installation: With the design finalised and approved by the client, our skilled team commenced the installation process. We began by preparing the area, ensuring proper ground leveling and drainage considerations. The Grey and Charcoal Indian Sandstone was meticulously laid, taking care to work around the existing wooden pergola to create a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result. The Acro Channel Drainage was integrated to ensure efficient water runoff.

Quality Assurance: Throughout the installation, we maintained a high standard of workmanship and quality control. Our team paid attention to every detail, from precise stone placement to ensuring the structural integrity of the patio and side path.

Client Satisfaction: Once the project was completed, we conducted a thorough walkthrough with the client. This allowed them to inspect the final product and ensure it met their expectations. Any minor adjustments or touch-ups were promptly addressed to guarantee the client’s complete satisfaction.

Project Completion: After the client gave their final approval, we considered the project officially completed. We provided the client with any relevant maintenance and care instructions to help them preserve the beauty and functionality of their new outdoor space.

Hamilton Paving takes immense pride in delivering projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are pleased to have provided a top-quality patio and side path using Grey and Charcoal Indian Sandstone with Acro Channel Drainage while preserving the charm of the existing wooden pergola. If you have any paving or landscaping needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to helping you transform your outdoor spaces.