Hamilton Paving: Rear Garden Renovation in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire

Project Overview:
Location: Semi-detached House, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire
Service: Rear Garden Landscaping Renovation

In Chalfont St Giles, Hamilton Paving’s expertise transformed this homeowners tired back garden, into a stunning and modernised outdoor space. The previous garden had lost its magic and the homeowners envisioned an updated and welcoming garden fore their property. Take a look through this landscaping renovation project and appreciate the new additions to the garden.

The Hamilton Paving Approach:
After a detailed meeting with the homeowner to understand their vision and requirements, it was time for a site inspection and assessment to gauge the scope. Once design concepts had confirmation from the clients, it was time to commence the renovation.

  1. Ground Preparation: Clearing the site of any old plants, debris, or structures was our first task. After leveling and grading the soil to ensure proper drainage and an even surface, it was time to testing to determine its health and suitability for plantings.
  2. Gate Installation: A gate that’s functional and aligns with the overall garden aesthetic for the customer. Hamilton Paving always installs robust hinges and locks for security and longevity as a standard like the gate here in Chalfont St Giles.
  3. Fencing: The homeowner desired a wood type that’s both durable and visually appealing, so we insured this was at the heart of the fencing stage. Setting up the fence posts and ensuring they’re properly anchored, ready for the placement of panels. Always ensuring each panel around the garden was installed with consistent height and spacing to provide a top quality finish to the eye.
  4. Solar Installation: The customer values a greener approach to the renovation, so what better than solar lighting to the fencing. Evenly placed across multiple fence panels for a stunning modern look.
  5. Flower Bed Creation: Adding layers of depth and color, we designed and carved out a strategic flower bed a the rear of the garden as the customer wished to add a selection of plants in the near future.
  6. Turf Installation: Selecting a high-quality grass type suitable for the local climate and homeowner’s preferences, we ensured the installation of the turf provided longevity and health.
  7. Block Paving: Surrounding the newly laid turf and flower beds, our team expertly installed a light grey block paving. This design element adds a modern touch to the garden bringing a bright colour to the finish.
  8. Quality Assurance: Thoroughly inspecting the completed project to ensure all aspects are up to Hamilton Paving’s standard of excellence. We then handed over any care and maintenance guidelines, ensuring the homeowner is equipped to enjoy their new space to the fullest.

Project Outcome:
The garden’s periphery showcases beautifully erected wooden fences, providing the necessary privacy without compromising on style. Their warm, natural hue harmoniously blends with the surrounding greenery, creating a cosy and intimate ambiance.

Client Feedback:
The homeowners were taken back by their newly renovated garden. Specifically mentioning Hamilton Pavings professionalism, craftsmanship, and the seamless integration of various garden elements. From a garden rotting away, to a freshly updated rear garden space in Chalfont St Giles, ready for years of memory making for the family.


This renovation by Hamilton Paving is a testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re hosting a summer get-together or enjoying a quiet evening, this garden is tailored to create memories that last a lifetime.